About shantui parts

About shantui parts

Shantui focuses on technical innovation and sustainable development all the time.

Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 1980, was a national category I key enterprise integrating research & development, production and sales of main engine products and key components of earth moving machinery, pavement construction & compaction machinery, building machinery, hoisting machinery and other construction machinery series products; and it is also a state-owned joint-stock listed company. It is one of the top 50 manufacturers of construction machinery in the world, and one of China’s top 500 manufacturers. On January 1, 1997, “Shantui” listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 000680). In June 2009, Shandong Heavy Industry Group was established, and Shantui became one of its Subsidiaries. As the backbone of construction machinery industry in China, Shantui always ranks as No.1 in the industry.

Shantui has completed relevant diversified industry layout. In China, it has established seven industrial bases, i.e. Shantui International Industrial Park, Shantui Chongwen Industrial Park, Shantui Wuhan Industrial Park, Shantui Fushun Industrial Park, Shantui Taian Industrial Park, Shantui Jinan Industrial Park and Shantui Xinjiang Industrial Park, with overall coverage reaching 3,900mu.

Shantui focuses on technical innovation and sustainable development all the time. It ranks as one of domestic leading and nearly international advanced manufacturers in research & development capability, manufacturing capability and product quality. It owns national-level technical center, Engineering Technology Research Center of Shandong Province, post-doctoral scientific research station and other innovation platforms. Main products include 13 categories of main engine products, such as bulldozer series, road machinery series, concrete machinery series, loader series, fire vehicle series, aerial platform vehicle series and crane series, as well as accessories for construction machinery, such as chassis part, drive part, structural part, casting part and hydraulic oil cylinder; in which, Shantui bulldozer has become the first brand in China, and has won the sole gold medal in the bulldozer industry all over the country. At present, its annual production capacity exceeds 15,000 units of bulldozers, 7,000 units of road machineries, 5,000 units of concrete machineries, 180,000 track assemblies, 160,000 units of torque converters, 50,000 transmissions and 1,400,000 units of construction equipment rollers.

Shantui owns a sound sales system and complete sales service network, and its products are sold all over the country and overseas in more than 150 countries and territories. At present, there are 26 Shantui monopolized stores and 150 marketing points. The international strategy is implemented stably; now, Shantui has 71 overseas Agents, as well as 10 overseas Subsidiaries in the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Russia and Brazil. In the aspect of marketing service mode, it abides by the principle of “value leading and win-win service”, introduces advanced concepts such as leading the industrial service promise, quality tracking and user care, provides solutions of whole set equipment construction for customers in time; and the humanized and punctual top-quality service help Shantui win customers’ praise, thus enhancing brand value of the enterprise.

In the future, the Company will become a construction machinery manufacturer owning core technology and international competitiveness with sustainable development.

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