Shantui parts company held a special study session
Shantui parts company was founded in 1980, is the development, production and sales of earth-moving machinery, road and compaction machinery, construction machinery, engineering machinery, engineering machinery lifting host of products and key components in one of the large national class key enterprises, state-owned joint-stock companies. Shantui Construction Machinery Parts Company as China backbone of the industry, the industry has maintained a vanguard position.
Recently, Shantui parts company held a special study "Accountability Ordinance Communist Party of China" in the headquarters meeting room 201, party committee members, the company leadership, executive director of the company, party work, Party Committee Organization Department and the administrative head of the theories center group members to attend.
At the meeting, members of the company Shantui accessories exactly studied, "the Communist Party of China Accountability Ordinance," conveys the Group party, group Commission for Discipline Inspection earnestly study and implement accountability regulations, strengthen the specific requirements of the responsibility to play.
Shantui parts company party secretary and chairman Ms Cheung pointed out that the majority of the party members and leading cadres to conscientiously study and implement organizational accountability regulations, to study and implement the accountability ordinance as "two to learn to do a" an important part of education, with learning Constitution Party regulations combined with learning speech Xi Jinping, general secretary of the series, especially the "7.1" speech combined effectively enhance the study and implement the accountability Ordinance conscious thought and conscious action.
Future, Shantui Parts Company will become a core technology, international competitiveness and sustainable development of the construction machinery manufacturer.


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