Automobile gasoline engine model and model condemnation, can not easily replace Source:

      Driver knows his car to add that type of oil can not be applied indiscriminately. But what is it that one of the principle? In fact, car engine is different decisions. To remind everyone: automobile gasoline engine model and model condemnation, can not easily replace

      Currently, 92 gasoline at 6 dollars or less, about 95 6 4 gasoline, and gasoline 98 to over 700 dollars mark. Cherry uncle to the owners once met a Lifan 320 plus 98 gasoline, he said to open up 98 petrol Gengshuang. As the saying goes "you pay for" is not gasoline more expensive the better?

      Before you begin, said the origin of gasoline label, let's introduce the following engine compression ratio. For gasoline engines volumetric heating is the highest thermal efficiency of the way, so the higher the compression ratio of the engine, the greater its efficiency and power. But the high compression ratio tends to lead to a serious problem - detonation. It refers to a knock when the cylinder temperature is too high, and oil and gas occurrence of abnormal combustion, resulting in abnormal pressure inside the cylinder, reducing the worst case, even the life of the engine.

      In order to solve the problem of engine knock, it was decided to increase the anti-knock gasoline, the most direct way is to add heavy metal lead in gasoline. Later it was found lead pollution of the environment is too great, and will say TWC failure.

      To find not add lead to increase gasoline antiknock method, the scientists found that by reducing the octane content of gasoline to achieve CKS. N-Octane Octane is an allotrope of the longest in the molecular structure, chemical bonds at high temperatures it can easily break, so it antiknock worst. And iso-octane molecules are huddled, so antiknock better. Antiknock poor people to numbered 0 n-octane, iso-octane petrol is labeled No. 100.92 92% iso-octane gasoline, and so on.

      The higher the grade, the better the antiknock, it can accommodate a higher compression ratio engine. However, because of higher compression ratio, the ignition timing should be increased, with a low-grade gasoline knock naturally occurring phenomenon.

      Because a relatively low compression models since no high-grade gasoline, so it's less ignition advance angle. If you use a higher grade in the low-pressure compression ratio of automobile gasoline, may be due to the ignition advance angle smaller and lose some momentum. Therefore, the higher grade of gasoline is not possible, refuel when should choose their own automobile gasoline.

      Although some models have automatic ignition advance angle learning function, but even the normal combustion, the use of high-grade gasoline will not be more economical than a low-grade gasoline. In addition, in high altitudes, because the air is thin, the same engine can allow the use of low grade gasoline to achieve the same anti-knock properties.

      Cherry uncle here Incidentally, reference numeral gasoline is more than 100, such as the addition of alcohol after regular gasoline ethanol gasoline. Although the content of iso-octane gasoline is used as the reference standard measure, but gasoline itself is a very complex mixture. If the calibration method according to gasoline, gasoline containing 15% ethanol is its reference to more than 100.

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