China Liugong excavator transformation of the 20-year story

Regardless of the industry or prosperous market downturn, we have been able to "serious" attitude and actions made engineering machinery manufacturers product much; Liugong is the group of "minority" in one. Outside loaders, Liugong do feel more and more products are excavators.

As early as 2011, Liugong introduced the E Series excavators; by the end of 2013 annual meeting of national distributors, Liugong officially launched E series. After several somewhat low-key, "warming up", Liugong excavator new E series and 925E --922E first two products in European markets, and became its main markets in Europe and push models.

June 15, 2015, on Liugong "shining global 'new conference, E Series excavators New --948E, 950E and 970E large excavator once again become the protagonist.

The E Series products, Liugong most emphasis is reliability, high efficiency and safety and other characteristics. These Liugong specifically for E series set different operating modes and scene, and is equipped with a Cummins engine, the emissions can be directly hit Tier2, Tier3 standards, and the United States, China, three standards.

Direct proof of energy-efficient is a set of data: QSB7 equipped with Cummins engines 933E excavator, users actually use the feeling is the same tonnage excavator fuel than 5 liters per hour; after 9 months, and to work more than 5000 hours without any failure. "And that in all excavator brands, it is regarded as a great performance."

Users of Oral and subjective meaning of technical terms compared with full professional product presentation, Liugong excavator products in more than two decades on the focus and persistence - and this should be referred to constantly look at history, and more the manufacturer can prove the strength and future.

China Construction Machinery Industry, Liugong excavator began manufacturing the first batch of enterprises. In 1992, the first Liugong crawler excavators --WY40 offline. After becoming the pioneer who, under a variety of reasons Liugong excavator and Chinese local brands, has entered a period of collective share --10% or less "abnormal silent period" has become domestic excavator manufacturer solitude footnote.

Total silence to be broken. Liugong excavator was officially established in 2001 to implement mass production factory; 2002 Liugong excavator plant restructuring, the establishment excavators Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. Manufacturing Branch. Liugong excavator, Ltd. was established in 2006 - its excavator business and further strengthen the independence. June 2010, Liugong eastward expansion strategy started - Changzhou become an important manufacturing base for excavator operations.

On the excavator business, Liugong do not think "only sold to reflect the quality and value of the product." Even in China excavator market demand for the most violent year in Liugong excavator sales growth is okay. "Not Liugong lofty care sales, but sales outside Liugong most important is the real strength of technology, product strength, the application of competitiveness."

Liugong early began to study the world's leading companies - Caterpillar, Komatsu's product strategy; also very early, Liugong began to attempt to quantify the Chinese construction machinery industry needs a variety of end user devices ratio, to find the most efficient. " users comprehensive solution. " For example, for up to a few years, not only in the research Liugong China excavator market demand for the coming years is how much the size, but large amounts of data collected in the study of a typical scenario mine construction, highway construction and other various devices exactly You need to match in order to get the best results and rewards.

Put themselves in the "starting point", the Liugong excavator business has no choice pure imitation, follow the road. Ten years in research and development, infrastructure, manufacturing sector, Liugong has always been willing to invest, the courage to break - for example realized early marginalization affect business excavator loader operations, while the excavator sector independent; for example, have invested a lot of money try to establish a core of vertical hydraulic system components, such as bold-line from the southwest out of the east, another example in the market the most depressed 2014, 2015, do not change plans to invest several hundred million dollars to establish earthmoving equipment research and development center.

Of course dare investment, high platform does not mean "smooth sailing." As early as Komatsu, Liugong excavator has experienced product design, manufacturing challenge on; also the same as Komatsu, at every step of the solid progress, Liugong also change the pattern of China excavator industry, foreign enterprises second time showdown time to catch up, "and better than its predecessor generation."

Strictly speaking, Liugong excavator business system to achieve an improvement or a cross, not all companies are able to do. One of the most convincing fact is that in most noisy era, Chinese excavator manufacturer and quantity no less than 30; but up to today, only a handful of truly left behind. In the past 2014 - Chinese excavator market is large trough, Liugong excavator has become the only domestic enterprises to achieve positive growth in sales of the brand.


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