Guangxi Bureau of Quality Supervision spot checks of auto parts products 77 batches of six batches failed Source: China Network

China Network FINANCE September 13 hearing recently, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Quality and Technical Supervision official Netcom reported 2016 auto parts product quality supervision and inspection results, Guangxi, Guangxi region council were taken 30 companies produced 77 batches of products, not 6 batches of qualified products, substandard products detection rate of 7.8%.

The sampling mainly to "2016 auto parts product quality supervision and checking of the implementation details of Guangxi" for the test basis. Upon examination, Liujiang Luen Fung Industrial Co., Ltd. of three batches of the seat foam is detected combustion characteristics of the project failed; Liuzhou sensible cable plant 1 Batch engine wiring harness assembly, a batch chassis wiring harness, and Guangxi 1 lot rear cover harness Sinuo Electric Co., Ltd., a voltage drop is detected project failed.

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Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision on the issuance of the 2016 Shanghai product quality supervision and inspection plan

Document Number: [2016] Shanghai Zhi Jijian prison No. 20

Creation date: 2016-01-19

The issuing authority: Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision

Districts and counties Market Authority (Quality Development Authority), City of Quality and Technical Supervision Law Enforcement Team:

According to the "product quality supervision and inspection management approach" and other provisions of the "Product Quality Law", "Energy Conservation Law", "Shanghai Quality Regulations," "Shanghai Air Pollution Control Ordinance", to promote Shanghai's economic development pattern, closely around the city protect the livelihood security, development of recycling economy and environmental protection industry, benefiting the agriculture and other major initiatives, and in accordance with the relevant policies and measures to protect women, children and disabled persons rights and interests, and further enhance product quality supervision departments in the city to seek a comprehensive, industry associations, quality inspection agencies, district (county) market Authority comments, through the Chief microblogging, letter solicit views of the community based on the combination of existing financial and technical support of special funds scale capacity situation inspection body, according to "Shanghai Key product quality monitoring catalog ", the Bureau formulated the" 2016 Shanghai product quality supervision plan. "

In 2016, and will continue to strengthen involving human health and personal and property safety, the impact of the national economy and an important industrial and consumer products, relevant organizations of Quality Supervision, product quality problems, plans to carry out 179 kinds of products quality supervision spot checks, including 112 kinds of consumer goods, industrial production 44 kinds, 20 kinds of building decoration materials, three kinds of agricultural production. In the form of supervision, including supervision of the quarter, special checks, checks linkage, combined with checks and risk monitoring, supervision and checking of objects, including producers, distribution companies and network marketing shops.

Now, "2016 Shanghai product quality supervision plan" issued to you. Please cooperate with the relevant quality supervision and inspection work to strengthen the quality inspection agency to assume supervision tasks of supervision and guidance of the district (county) inside; the situation is not able to get the product to carefully confirm; enterprise unjustified refusal spot check supervision to confirm the situation promptly; supervision of the implementation process as found in illegal activities or other important information must be promptly submitted to the Bureau; substandard products on the spot checks found in the administrative area and production enterprises should promptly according to law.

Notice is hereby given

Attachment: "2016 Shanghai product quality supervision plan"

Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision

January 19, 2016


2016 Shanghai product quality supervision plan

First, consumer goods (112 kinds)

Household and similar electrical appliances (26 kinds): 1 household air-conditioning; 2 inverter air conditioner; 3 microwave ovens; cookers 4; 5 fans; mosquito 6 electrical appliances; 7 cookers; 8........ household refrigerators; 9 for fabric steamers; 10 household electric washing machines; 11 skin and hair care appliances (hair dryer);.. 12 fluid heater; 13; massage. 14 air purifiers; 15 electric water heater ( fast and thermal storage-type); 16-room heater; 17 hand warmers (foot); a 18 blankets, mattress pads, electric heating pads; 19 home Xiaoduwangui; 20 Oven; 21 multi-connected air conditioning (heat pump); 22 humidifier; 23 chopsticks disinfection machine; 24 curlers; 25 facial sauna device; 26 electric food processor (mill).

. Baby products, stationery, sports goods (23 kinds): 1 children's shoes; 2 children's clothing; 3 diapers (including diapers, pads); 4 children's furniture; 5 child safety seats; 6 children high chair.... ; 7. cribs; 8 stroller; 9 children's toys (electric toys, plastic toys, baby toys); 10 inflatable water toys (children swimming laps);.. 11 children sleeping bags and related apparel; 12 children's toothbrushes; 13 children umbrella; 14 altered products; 15 student supplies adhesive; 16 ball-point pen; 17 marker; 18 bags;.. 19 academic books; 20 bike; 21 school textbooks and supplementary readings; 22 electric treadmill; 23 children's publications.

. Household products (21 kinds): 1 sanitary napkins, sanitary pads; 2 toilet paper; 3 plastic shopping bags; 4 self-ballasted LED; 5 sunglasses; eyeglass lens 6; 7 frames; 8....... fitting glasses; 9 home health insecticide supplies; 10 locks;.. 11 luminaries; 12 fixed lighting; 13 recessed luminaires; 14 metal jewelery and products; 15 travel bags; 16 household. upholstery; 17 body washes; 18 active speakers; 19 detergent; 20 liquid laundry detergent; 21 for general lighting self-ballasted fluorescent lamps.

Leather products, textiles, clothing, footwear (16 kinds):....... 1 women's underwear; 2 leather sandals; 3 swimsuit (including children swimwear); 4 shoes; casual wear 5; 6 shoes; 7 back bag; 8 students served; 9 pajamas home service; 10 wool knitwear; 11 knitting (thermal) underwear; leather garments 12; 13 down clothing; 14 cashmere knitwear; 15 down duvets; 16. silk.

Vehicles and vehicle parts (11 kinds): 1 car lamps; 2 car interiors; 3 motor vehicle brake fluid; 4 automobile engine coolant; 5 automotive glass of water; 6 automotive oil filter..... ; 7. automotive fuel filter; 8. automotive air filter; 9 automobile brake linings; 10 motorized wheelchairs; 11 electric bicycles.

IT equipment, telecommunications terminal equipment, audio and video equipment (9 kinds): 1 phone; 2 mobile phone batteries; phone charger 3; 4 older phones; set-top box 5; 6 tablet; 7 yuan....... counterfeit instrument; 8.IC card reading and writing machines; 9 color television broadcast receivers.

Other consumer goods (6 kinds): 1 wood furniture; 2 security doors; 3 converter; 4 domestic gas; 5 Domestic gas instantaneous water heater; 6 gas leak alarm......

Second, industrial production (44 kinds)

Hazardous chemicals (five kinds): 1 Industrial oxygen; 2 industrial coatings; 3 chemical reagents; 4 Industrial nitrogen; 5 dissolved acetylene.....

Dangerous chemicals packaging, container (four kinds): 1 metal drums; 2 metal cans; 3 plastic packaging; 4 paper container....

Anti-labor supplies (7 types):...... 1 self-absorption filter anti-particulate respirators; 2 helmets; 3 seat belts; 4 anti-static clothing; 5 flame-retardant clothing; 6 protection toe safety shoes; 7 electrical insulation shoes.

Fire, explosion-proof products (6 kinds): 1 Fire emergency lighting; 2 portable fire extinguishers; 3 fire doors; 4 sprinklers; 5 fire alarm; 6 explosion-proof electrical equipment......

Energy-related Products (five kinds):.... 1 motor gasoline; 2 diesel; 3 civilian liquefied petroleum gas; 4 car LPG; 5 coal.

General machinery and equipment and parts (5 kinds): 1 pump; 2 internal combustion engine; 3 fan; air compressor 4; 5 welders....

Low-voltage electrical appliances, switches, motors, tools (four kinds): 1 Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment; 2 circuit breaker; 3-phase asynchronous motor; 4 power tools....

Other industrial production (8 kinds): 1 PVC insulated wire and cable; power cables 2; 3 valve; 4 security safes (boxes); 5 product barcode (retail); 6 diesel engine exhaust..... treatment liquid; 7 car emissions (light vehicles); 8 car emissions (heavy vehicles).

Third, construction and decoration materials (20 kinds)

. Decoration materials (14 kinds): 1 Parquet; 2 Laminate wood floors; three solid wood floor; 4 shower; 5 civilian valve; sanitary ware hose 6; 7 wood-based panels;...... 8. The wood preservative; 9 wallpaper; 10 faucets; 11 toilet; 12 electronic toilet; 13 interior wall paint; 14 adhesive.

Building materials, components (6 kinds):...... 1 tempered glass used in construction; 2 construction laminated glass; hollow glass building 3; 4 hot-rolled steel; 5 ordinary small concrete hollow block; autoclaved plus 6 Aerated concrete block.

Fourth, agricultural production materials (three kinds)

1. Pesticides; 2. agricultural plastic film; 3 fertilizer.

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